Kodiak regrets to inform you that we must announce the retirement of our current software products. As of September 1st, 2018 we will no longer sell licenses for our software to new customers.

We have been notified that several of our software tool vendors are retiring their products which we use to program and maintain our programs. We have determined that it is not economically viable to rewrite our entire code base which consists of over one million lines of code. 

We will however for the foreseeable future continue to support our current registered customers.

We will continue to

Provide installation software to existing customers when they need to install or re-install their currently licensed products

Provide lost registration keys to existing customers

Provide lost password recovery codes for registered users

Provide licenses to registered users who wish to purchase additional licenses.

Registered Users May

Download our installation packages from our downloads page. 

visit download page

Contact support at support@kdksys.com     support@kdksys.com